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do not disturb. no I'm just kidding, you can.
breakthefate wrote in sbgdressingroom
[Kurow has tuckered himself running around the Academy. But he's not taking a nap, because that's for babies.

He's just resting his eyes as he lays under a tree somewhere on the campus. He may also be rolling around in his very large scarf because it is the best blanket ever. And mumbling a little to himself as he naps rests his eyes.

You can either coo at how cute this kid looks, tell him to go sleep in an actual bed, or be a dick and mess with him.]

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Oh, that's cool, dude. It's a lot of fun seeing the sights, hearing the sounds, you know?

[Kurow, for all his ditziness, doesn't miss that question.] Who, what? [But he also has a short attention span. Really, 9 months old these days.] Yeah. I never been to a school before, so it's been neat to see how it works. And all the girls are angels! Such beautiful, magical faces!

...And I guess all the lessons have been good, too.

Exactly. Being able to take in the sights and such, it was marvelous.

[Just gonna... take advantage of that.] Oh, it's nothing important, darling. I was musing to myself for a moment. This is my first time attending a school as well--- [Again with the trailing off, but this time it wasn't out of an attempt to change the subject, it was more along the lines of "Wow that was funny so I'm going to laugh at it."] My my, for such a young one, you have such a way with words. [Please note she is completely humoring him.]

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[!-- Now, Kurow recognizes Kasugami or at least, what she is.] Hey, you're a Brush God, right? I met a couple of the Brush Gods' children on my journey with dude.

Oh, okay. [And Kurow is cool with that.] Heh, thanks. [He stands up and twirls his flute.] Just wait 'till I get tall enough and then I won't even need words to impress 'em! [Kurow does know he's being humored a bit but he doesn't mind. He's having too much fun chilling with Kasugami, anyway.]

Hey, what'cha drinking, by the way? Is it sake? [Because he totally never had a sip when Chibi picked up a Steel-Fist Sake nope.]

[Two points for Kurow! Oh right, some of the folks were settling down and having kids, Kasu's behind on that for obvious reasons.] You did Were they fairing well? Mmm, you are also correct, I am a Brush God.

[Oh, he looked so familiar, and it finally clicked in her head Why.] We should all fear that faithful day, heheh. [Yeah, she's one of the more fun gods to be around, not gonna lie.] Perhaps we should take to hiding when the day does approach.

You're correct, it is in fact sake. [She hisses the word, remnants of purple haze escaped through her lips.] How did you ever know that, darling?

Yeah, they looked pretty good. They gave dude new brush powers and everything.

No way! My charm's gonna be so great, all the ladies'll come out of hiding. Wait, what am I saying? I'm already that charming, ha ha ha! [We shall all fear that day, Kasugami.]

Um, I saw some adults drinking it at a festival. [Blatant lies.] Do you drink a whole lot? [You seem kinda tipsy, brosis.]

We certainly do have a certain appeal, I must say. [Okay, everything's fitting together. Buuuuut she has to know...]

This... "Dude" is Amaterasu's own, yes?

[Pfffft.] You'll have to also wisen up a bit if you wish for the girls to even come close to you.

Oh, I see. [She bought the lie, oh no...] Mmm... On occasion. I've been cutting down due to multiple reasons, but I am on my off-time right now, and I wouldn't think that one cup would hurt. [It's more like three that she's on right now, but who's counting?]

[nod nod] Yeah, he is. I remember seeing his mom, Amaterasu, when we went into the past! She was pretty diesel, taking on Orochi like that.

[Kurow flips his hair.] W-well, I gotta a lot of time now to polish up my skills.

Oh, okay. It's always good to relax when you got the time, right?

[These words, I swear he's making them up.] I see. [They saw the fight against Orochi, interesting interesting...] She is a courageous soul, fighting for the light of justice and peace.

[Kid stop that you're too cute. 8'(] Perhaps you'll learn more than you imagined at this school, Kurow. [She smiles, and reaches over to gently tussle his hair.]

Oh yes, certainly. I wouldn't know of anything better to do than relax when I am given the opportunity.

[What is this 90s slang even.] Yeah, she's an awesome player, alright.

[No always the cute. 8|] I hope so! I wouldn't want to get bored. That'd be a major bummer, dude.

I like to play my flute sometimes when I want to relax. I guess it's kinda calming.

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