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yo im horrible.
valorbloom wrote in sbgdressingroom
[Shit son, it's really hella hot today.

What's that? It's hot? No, it's perfect, just perfect, especially if you're a GRASS TYPE, YEAH.

Anyways, there seems to be a stray Venusaur sitting her butt halfway in the shade and in the sun. Just enough to catch a breeze, but at the same time get as much of the rays of the sun as she could. If you stared directly at her, there was something... vaguely familiar with her. Eh, whatever could it be? It's just a Venusaur, they all look the same to someone with the untrained eye.

So bros, what do about this apparent wanderer?

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[What was that.

Vasanta stirs a tiny bit, but she doesn't break from her slumber. Probably just a strong gust of wind or something.

[You're the only Venusaur around with a seed sticking out of their flower.

Also the only one with a pixie sitting on top of the seed.

I mean the wind. Totally the wind.]

[Bro, why you do that.


Okay this is waking her up a bit.


[She'll just plop down to the top of her very broad head.]

You smell better this way.

[Is it a friend? Haven't heard that voice before. Maybe they evolved or something...]

Why do you say that? Have we met bef---

[Wait that is Celebi siting on her head.

Oh my god she's trying so hard to look and she is so honored and aaaa.

[Metagaming in your DR? More likely than you think.

ANYWAY. She'll just giggle a little.]


[What is not possible in the DR...

Akblglsd goes Vasanta's mind.

O-oh, hello there Celebi. Oh my goodness.


More giggling.]

Oh your good gravy?


This is going to be the dumbest thing ever.

Uh anyways, back to reality.

Yes, of course. However, I would recommend you hold the gravy. [Giggle giggle.] All of those silly mannerisms aside, how are you fairing?

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