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hazysheep wrote in sbgdressingroom
[ACADEMY OF SMASH; I present you with two scenarios:

There is a goat sheep on your lawn. She seems pretty... off-balance, but screw you, she totally knows what she's doing. I mean, look at the big gourd on her back, she can balance herself just fine with it. Approach her, pet her, kick her, you don't know what she could do.
A woman could also be spotted around the school. She seems to be lost, trying to find something (or someone) in particular. She looks pretty fine, other than the ever so slight sway she has going on when she stands still. She also has that huge gourd still mounted onto her back. Geeze, it looks pretty heavy, maybe that's why she's all swaying like that, yep. That totally has to be it, and not the fact that she had even taken a drink of it, nope. That'd be silly.
Note: You know the drill for the brush gods. If you believe in gods and whatnot, then you can also see her awesome red markings. If not? Then yeah... no markings.

Have at her!]

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[Okay. You do that.

Just don't mind that there's a guy just standing right behind you.

As tipsy as ever, aren't we?

[Mmm... Waka you are the worst ninja.

Kasugami continues eating for a moment, then lifts her head.

Only a tad, promise~ Would you like some, I know I certainly still have a generous amount left. [Hic.] Oh, mm... Excuse me. [Chuckle chuckle, that didn't happen.]

Someone like me eating grass? Surely you jest!

[He feigned a bit of a dramatic expression and stance.]

Wouldn't you find that quite... unsightly for a dignified Tao Master?

[She huffs, shifting her shoulders to make sure he can see that she's referring to the gourd.]

You are mistaken. I was speaking of the brew, not the grass.

Haha! One could only hope.

[He gives a bit of a pondering look.]

Hm... you've convinced me. I'll have a small amount. I'm not God's Gift of Haziness, after all!

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