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sunfurror wrote in sbgdressingroom
[Is there a puppy running around campus? There is! Depending on your perspective, he's either a little white wolf pup, or a little white and red wolf pup. It mostly comes down to how strong your belief in the gods is.

And what's that in his jaws? It's a painting by a talented artist of a red and white wolf, who looks awfully similar to this little guy. He can't really bark with it in his mouth, but he's been jumping up and pawing at anyone who comes along.

Care to help a pup out?]

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[Unless you want an excited litany of "and then I met this wierd fat kid who thought I was his dog until he knew I wasn't and he drank all the demon's soup and his mom was brought to cook but they actually threw her in a big pot and there was a giant flower next to it cause..."

And you probably don't want that.]

[Of course not. One of the sun god's traits throughout her incarnations was getting bored when someone talks too much. She didn't think that Chibi would do just that, though. Oh well!]

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