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sunfurror wrote in sbgdressingroom
[Is there a puppy running around campus? There is! Depending on your perspective, he's either a little white wolf pup, or a little white and red wolf pup. It mostly comes down to how strong your belief in the gods is.

And what's that in his jaws? It's a painting by a talented artist of a red and white wolf, who looks awfully similar to this little guy. He can't really bark with it in his mouth, but he's been jumping up and pawing at anyone who comes along.

Care to help a pup out?]

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[Oh, yep. She knows exactly who he is, and doesn't even mind the affection to her face. She continues petting him, but sets him back down on the ground, reaching for the scroll. Kasugami takes a look at it, and of course... She should have known.]

You've come to the right place, Amaterasu is in fact here.

[Well that makes Chibi even happier. He jumps to both sides and barks happily, in joy and thanks!

Though he returns for more pettings after his jump for joy. He knows what he likes.]

[Oh boy you are so cute, so so so very cute! Clasping her hands together, she continues giving him scratches and such. Puppy puppy puppy puppy. *w*]

Would you like to see if we can find her?

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