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Hi! ^^;;
unifythechaos wrote in sbgdressingroom
[There's an echidna wandering abou-- but wait a moment, isn't there already an echidna here? I thought there was only one left...?

Well, too bad. There's another echidna here now. She's looking mighty confused, it is a big giant jump from her time period. Everything is foreign, but it's so fascinating. Maybe she'd enjoy some help or something, maybe even have her confused for Knuckles? Either way, she's just wandering her lonesome about the school, trying to size up the situation that she's placed herself in currently.

Oh, and don't worry, there's no Chaos near her, promise.]

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haha, i figured i'd attract you :)

[Lookie there, another echidna! Tikal's a little thrown off by why he's so shocked. Did they know each other and it had just slipped her mind? Hmm... she hoped not. Another question rang in her mind, how did he get here as well? Hm. hmm hmm...

Ahh, something to note: She's ultimately taken before Dr. Robotnik's shattering of the Master Emerald, much farther in the past, right before the chief attempted to take the Chaos Emeralds from Chaos.

Either way, Tikal walked over to him, hands behind her back. She was sort of feeling shy, but one couldn't blame her. Everything was new, and she realized that she felt out of place. At least she still kept that smile on her face as she said hello.]

Um, hello. Have we met before?

[Oh - this place liked to play tricks like that. Bringing people together with different memories, from the past or future so that thier recollections didn't quite match up. He'd have to tread gently here.]

Yeah, we do. You might not remember... my name is Knuckles. Your name is Tikal, and I met you a long while back.

[He extends a hand.]

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it's like i put a blinking sign with "knuckles, come here!" xD

[How cruel fate could be. It was so odd, he had met her before and he had known her name. Maybe the more he spoke the more it would jog her memory. There was really only one way to see if it were true or not.

She takes his hand, nodding once.]

I'm sorry that I don't remember, then. I wish that I could say that it's nice to see you again, I really do. [She pauses, looking from left to right.]

Where am I exactly, Knuckles?

With some bowls of free grapes and gatorade under the sign.

[He shakes her hand gently.]

Well, I can say it's nice to see you again. This place is called Smash Academy... it's hard to explain exactly what it is. But to put it real simple, it's a school where people learn all kinds of different skills. One of the strangest things about the place is it kind of exists outside time and space... so... you can come here from the future or the past. From where I'm standing, your time was four thousand years ago. Before...

[Hmm. Interesting dillemma - how much of her future should he even tell her about? Best to play it safe right now.]

....before they invented television.

[Wow! This is an interesting place among itself. How very interesting...]

I'm glad to hear, then. [Ahh, alright, this was making her become cheerful.] Smash Academy... I knew there was something odd about this place when I first set foot. So I'm really in the future? Many things have changed. [However, she does take a change in look. She's still concerned. She needs to see if she can try stopping her father, to sway him into the other direction. He couldn't take the sacred grounds of the Chao or the Chaos Emeralds. It was their land and their possessions.]

Will I be able to return to my time soon? I have... something I need to do.

Usually, youi can go home any time you like... though, it sorta depends on how you GOT here too. Your time is further back than I've known anyone else to travel here from... so, we'd have to figure something out.

[A pause... well, what could it hurt to ask?]

Your Dad is planning something you're not at all happy with, isn't he? That's what you gotta get back for. Right?

Alright. Thank you, Knuckles. I really do appreciate the help.

[He knew about it... Oh, right, he's met her before. Tikal's still wondering where they met or how far in the future they met, but she does trust his words.]

Yes, that's exactly right. I have to try to stop him, it's not right what he wants to do.

You got it. I... actually kinda owe you one anyway.

As for your Dad... look... I don't know how much I oughta say. But your Pop ain't the kinda guy who's gonna listen to appeals or reason. He wants what he wants and.... just... He'll do anything to get it. I've seen it.

Do I, really?

[She was afraid of that, she really was. His heart had been closed off, he was always acting for himself, claiming he acted for the tribe. It was awful, and she wished that he followed in the right path.]

I wish that he could understand, there's a different way to do this than fighting, stealing and killing.

Yeah.... well, your future self for stuff you haven't done quite yet. But hey, it still counts so far as I'm concerned.

Your Dad doesn't know any other way. Or he's just not able to act any other way... I dunno. Hard to make excuses for a guy who'd... n..nevermind.

[Yeah. A guy who'd have his army slaughter a bunch of innocent Chao AND run down his own daughter is a guy you'd find hard to sympathise with. You wouldn't want to have a beer with him even if he was buying.]

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