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how is this guy from square-enix he doesn't have enough belts
shadowy figure
itsjustrats wrote in sbgdressingroom
[hey. Smash Academy. Did you ever get the feeling you were being


These halls are awfully dark at night. There could be anything lurking in the shadows.

Were those footsteps you heard, or just the building settling?

Was that a long cloak that brushed past your ankle, or was it just the wind?

Was that a-


Where did your wallet go?]

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Are you fast enough to dodge the zennest guy on campus?

There are two pistols waving at the shadows, keen eyes peering into the shadows. "You're fast."

Whoops. Well, just to be nice, he'll spare you a crack on the head and a quick getaway. For now.

"Not fast enough, apparently. Must be getting rusty."

He flipped to where he heard the voice from. "We do not take kindly to thieves in this school. There must be a camera that caught your face, even if I can not locate you."

Don't think he doesn't see that and sidestep around a little. "Like I've never heard that before."

"In a school full of fighters," He goes on, weaving and waving. "you don't suspect there would be security in place?"

Keep talking, he's making mental notes of all of this. "If I've been careless enough to let some machine catch a glimpse of me, then I guess it really is time for me to retire. But I doubt that."

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