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do not disturb. no I'm just kidding, you can.
breakthefate wrote in sbgdressingroom
[Kurow has tuckered himself running around the Academy. But he's not taking a nap, because that's for babies.

He's just resting his eyes as he lays under a tree somewhere on the campus. He may also be rolling around in his very large scarf because it is the best blanket ever. And mumbling a little to himself as he naps rests his eyes.

You can either coo at how cute this kid looks, tell him to go sleep in an actual bed, or be a dick and mess with him.]

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[What is this 90s slang even.] Yeah, she's an awesome player, alright.

[No always the cute. 8|] I hope so! I wouldn't want to get bored. That'd be a major bummer, dude.

I like to play my flute sometimes when I want to relax. I guess it's kinda calming.

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