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sunfurror wrote in sbgdressingroom
[Is there a puppy running around campus? There is! Depending on your perspective, he's either a little white wolf pup, or a little white and red wolf pup. It mostly comes down to how strong your belief in the gods is.

And what's that in his jaws? It's a painting by a talented artist of a red and white wolf, who looks awfully similar to this little guy. He can't really bark with it in his mouth, but he's been jumping up and pawing at anyone who comes along.

Care to help a pup out?]

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[THIS WOMAN...SHEEP...WOMAN will totally help you, sweet baby. Kasugami bent down to sit on her knees, giving him a gentle pet on his head. What's in his mouth... Let's try to get it from him. :3]

Hmm? What do you have here, darling?

[Chibi drops the scroll at her feet...well, knees, and enjoys the petting until he gets a chance to jump up and lick her face. He may only find the constellations after he completes a task but he can sense gods when they're right in front of him!]

[Oh, yep. She knows exactly who he is, and doesn't even mind the affection to her face. She continues petting him, but sets him back down on the ground, reaching for the scroll. Kasugami takes a look at it, and of course... She should have known.]

You've come to the right place, Amaterasu is in fact here.

[Well that makes Chibi even happier. He jumps to both sides and barks happily, in joy and thanks!

Though he returns for more pettings after his jump for joy. He knows what he likes.]

[Oh boy you are so cute, so so so very cute! Clasping her hands together, she continues giving him scratches and such. Puppy puppy puppy puppy. *w*]

Would you like to see if we can find her?

[As Issun had predicted, Amaterasu is doing nothing but lazing around on the grass. For the time being, anyway. As much as she missed the little sprite, there was a time and place for some rest, and... well, maybe this wasn't it, but nobody was telling her otherwise.

tl;dr mama wolf catchin some z's.]

[Chibi hasn't seen Ammy for a long while, so it's...a little hard to contain his excitement.

...OK he actually fails completely. Have a puppy licking your head, excitedly yipping, and jumping around. Hi mama!]

commentspam incoming 1/?

[asdf; what now--]

[... wait. That scent, that bark, that feeling...]

[Is it... ? Yes, it is! Her darling Chibi! Ammy is quick to sit up and nuzzle and lick him with motherly love~]

[But of course, she has to know. Was her son able to restore order to the land of Nippon?]

[Chibi missed his mother quite a bit so he enjoys every single nuzzle and lick, giving back exactly what he gets and maybe more?

But there's nothing quite like having your mama proud of you, so he's happy to tell her yes! Akuro was vanquished, the land is peaceful, and faith in the gods restored!]

[That IS good news! Ammy has so many questions for her son, but for the time she's just enjoying a happy reunion. That, and she wasn't sure how well Chibi would be able to answer her in such an excited mood.]

[Unless you want an excited litany of "and then I met this wierd fat kid who thought I was his dog until he knew I wasn't and he drank all the demon's soup and his mom was brought to cook but they actually threw her in a big pot and there was a giant flower next to it cause..."

And you probably don't want that.]

[Of course not. One of the sun god's traits throughout her incarnations was getting bored when someone talks too much. She didn't think that Chibi would do just that, though. Oh well!]

Well, well, what have we here?

[Woah, when did this weird guy with giant shoes show up behind you, Chibi? It is a mystery.]

I could see those markings from a mile away, baby! [Quite... literally a baby. Yes, he is well-aware of that pun. No, he does not regret it.]

[Huh? This guy looks...familiar somehow? Like he's seen him or someone like him. And he can see his markings too?

So there's now a curious puppy trotting up to sniff your clothes and get a better look. After shaking his head at that pun, of course.]

[Waka only kneels over and gives the puppy a few strokes on the head. He allows little Chibi to sniff all over him. Just getting up in his grill and shit.]

Hm... you don't know me, but you certainly knew someone related to me~.

[How vague.]

[Another sacred beast running around. And just his luck, Riley's stumbled upon this one. He kneels to look at the little pup.]

... You're not Amaterasu, are you?

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