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moonheaded wrote in sbgdressingroom
[Hello SBG. It is around 5 AM and you are being awoken by a very odd.. puff ball type thing tumbling and somersaulting about the hallways and corridors. And she's being very loud. It doesn't seem like she's too coordinated, as she's crashing into walls, vending machines, dryers, dishwashers, and the like. Strange thing is.. it doesn't seem to phase it at all. It just continues on it's business, a blissful smile plastered on it's face.


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[Her science filled dreams have been disturbed by crashing! She investigates like an investigator.]

...What's this?

[All investigators investigate.. moon things.]

This is Essa's daily workout! [aaaand hello, she's waving from the ceiling.]

[WHAT. WHAT IS THAT THING. It was...kinda cute.]

W-wha...Working out on the ceiling?

Oh, not just the ceiling! Everywhere! Here, there, and- [And now she's gonna latch onto Ema's face. Adorable, right?] here, too!

[Making all the notes of this later.]


What, I mean, who are you supposed to be anyway? I guess now that we're meeting like this, we ought to know. You seem like you've got the, uh, energy to spare.

Who? That isn't my name! I am Essa! The Clefairy!

[Almost immediately, Essa stops, turning to Ema with a blank look on her face. She places her claw in her mouth, tilting her head and looking rather thoughtful.] Or am I the Clefairy, Essa? I have no idea.

[Here is another puffball. He has gone out to investigate the noise, with sword in hand.


[He looks like he wants to play! So of course she's just gonna bump into him full force. And boy, someone's been in the twinkies again..]

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