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Here I go again
I'm coming for you!
caused_a_ruckus wrote in sbgdressingroom
[There is a robot in purple armor.

He is not in a good mood.

He is shooting holes in walls at random.


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[There is a robot in blue armor.

He is in a good mood.

Until that wall next to him EXPLODES.

He darts back, shielding himself against the rubble. He lowers his arm as the dust starts to settle. Oh... that's... a familiar silhouette.]

No way. Don't tell me...

[Not this shit again.]

[Guess who heard that?]

[The purple robot turns!]

I was hoping you'd show up sooner or later. Ready to meet your maker, X?

[Oooof course. His right hand turns itself into what top robotics experts like to call "a sweet-ass motherfucking gun", but he doesn't shoot just yet.]

What you doing here, Vile? Don't tell me you're going around destroying the place just so you can pick a fight!

And if I did? Think you're gonna stop me?

I'm not letting you put anyone in danger for a petty reason like that.

[He aims his arm cannon, but look at that: he's still hesitating to pull the trigger.]

...Weren't the last two times enough for you to learn your lesson? This isn't going to prove anything.

[Vile's not even budging. He doesn't care that he has an arm cannon pointed at his face.]

That's where you're wrong, X. I'm superior to you. If I have to come back from the dead a hundred times to prove it, don't think I won't.

[There is a round thing in armor.


What on- ?!

[He quickly uses his cape to escape into an alternate dimension, then materialises after a moment to check whether the close was clear.]

[The purple armored robot could care less that this little masked man almost bought it. He just goes right on doing his thing.]

[I'll go with "Sit over here and be unimpressed" for 100, Alex.]

[Come on babe, you know you love it.]

[What do I do?

I spindash first, ask questions later.]

[What's that? Purple robot has jet boosters in his feet?]

So! A rodent wants to play! Run along, I don't want to waste time on you.

So YOU'RE Eggman's latest model, huh? At least he's not making faker robot doubles this time. You're still goin' down though.

[What's that? Red Echidna can rebound upward off the wall?]

Don't worry, we won't waste that much time. This shouldn't take long.

I don't know what you're talking about, and frankly I don't care. If you're not gonna back off, then I'll paint the halls with your guts!

[Deploy finger vulcans!]

Hah! As if, Bot-butt. You machines can't cope with the real thing, and this ain't exactly my first rodeo, pal.

[HMMM Look at those energy blasts! It's been a while since he had to dodge so many.]

I guess you're a real upgrade since the last Metal Sonic or whatever else Eggman built! There isn't a chaos emerald in your chest is there? I'm collectin' 'em.

[Incoming Echidna Pawwwwnch. Now with added fire.]

[Boost into the air!] Enough with the banter! If you're going to fight, then FIGHT! [He follows up with an elecrified ball launched from his leg.]

[Duck and weave] No banter? But I -LIKE- to banter with robots. Makes breakin' 'em so much more fun. Hey, what did he stuff inside you? Oh! I bet it's one of those funny little gorillas, isn't it? [Rivals style Homing attack!]

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