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Did you ask for a giant, creepy, floating eye?
[Too bad. You get one anyways.

So, Zero Two will be just... floating around and being creepy and whatnot.

Dare to approach him? Those blood-shot eyes don't look very good...]

do not disturb. no I'm just kidding, you can.
[Kurow has tuckered himself running around the Academy. But he's not taking a nap, because that's for babies.

He's just resting his eyes as he lays under a tree somewhere on the campus. He may also be rolling around in his very large scarf because it is the best blanket ever. And mumbling a little to himself as he naps rests his eyes.

You can either coo at how cute this kid looks, tell him to go sleep in an actual bed, or be a dick and mess with him.]

yo im horrible.
[Shit son, it's really hella hot today.

What's that? It's hot? No, it's perfect, just perfect, especially if you're a GRASS TYPE, YEAH.

Anyways, there seems to be a stray Venusaur sitting her butt halfway in the shade and in the sun. Just enough to catch a breeze, but at the same time get as much of the rays of the sun as she could. If you stared directly at her, there was something... vaguely familiar with her. Eh, whatever could it be? It's just a Venusaur, they all look the same to someone with the untrained eye.

So bros, what do about this apparent wanderer?

(no subject)
[ACADEMY OF SMASH; I present you with two scenarios:

There is a goat sheep on your lawn. She seems pretty... off-balance, but screw you, she totally knows what she's doing. I mean, look at the big gourd on her back, she can balance herself just fine with it. Approach her, pet her, kick her, you don't know what she could do.
A woman could also be spotted around the school. She seems to be lost, trying to find something (or someone) in particular. She looks pretty fine, other than the ever so slight sway she has going on when she stands still. She also has that huge gourd still mounted onto her back. Geeze, it looks pretty heavy, maybe that's why she's all swaying like that, yep. That totally has to be it, and not the fact that she had even taken a drink of it, nope. That'd be silly.
Note: You know the drill for the brush gods. If you believe in gods and whatnot, then you can also see her awesome red markings. If not? Then yeah... no markings.

Have at her!]

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[Is there a puppy running around campus? There is! Depending on your perspective, he's either a little white wolf pup, or a little white and red wolf pup. It mostly comes down to how strong your belief in the gods is.

And what's that in his jaws? It's a painting by a talented artist of a red and white wolf, who looks awfully similar to this little guy. He can't really bark with it in his mouth, but he's been jumping up and pawing at anyone who comes along.

Care to help a pup out?]

Hi! ^^;;
[There's an echidna wandering abou-- but wait a moment, isn't there already an echidna here? I thought there was only one left...?

Well, too bad. There's another echidna here now. She's looking mighty confused, it is a big giant jump from her time period. Everything is foreign, but it's so fascinating. Maybe she'd enjoy some help or something, maybe even have her confused for Knuckles? Either way, she's just wandering her lonesome about the school, trying to size up the situation that she's placed herself in currently.

Oh, and don't worry, there's no Chaos near her, promise.]

how is this guy from square-enix he doesn't have enough belts
shadowy figure
[hey. Smash Academy. Did you ever get the feeling you were being


These halls are awfully dark at night. There could be anything lurking in the shadows.

Were those footsteps you heard, or just the building settling?

Was that a long cloak that brushed past your ankle, or was it just the wind?

Was that a-


Where did your wallet go?]

(no subject)
[Hello SBG. It is around 5 AM and you are being awoken by a very odd.. puff ball type thing tumbling and somersaulting about the hallways and corridors. And she's being very loud. It doesn't seem like she's too coordinated, as she's crashing into walls, vending machines, dryers, dishwashers, and the like. Strange thing is.. it doesn't seem to phase it at all. It just continues on it's business, a blissful smile plastered on it's face.


Here I go again
I'm coming for you!
[There is a robot in purple armor.

He is not in a good mood.

He is shooting holes in walls at random.


Hello, I suck
Kick you in the FACE

Where the heck did you think YOU were going off to without even telling me you were leaving?!

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Let's invent neat stuff!
So this is Smash Academy, hey, this is a pretty neat place. I've heard things like how you could turn human here with school devices and stuff, is it true? I would really like to hear more because that'd be pretty neat too. [Why hello there puppet with obvious jointed arms]

Oh, and actually, has anyone seen a skinny fellow, wearing a green trench coat, and whose face is always bandaged? 

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In-Character Information
Name : Steve Zombie
Game/Series:  Resident Evil
Teacher/Student/Other:  Other
Canon Point: After outbreak
Age: 32. permanently
Grade Level/Class Taught/Job: campus wandering zombie
Dorm or Living Arrangement: dorm

Personality: Likes to eat brains. Doesn't like getting shot in the head.
Backstory: Steve was turned into a zombie.
Anything Else?: Braaaaains

In-Character 1st person writing sample (journal):
Brains Brainsbrains,

Brains brains brains, brains brains brains, brains brains.

In-Character 3rd person writing post:

"Braaaaaaains," Steve Zombie moaned, as he stumbled out of the cafeteria and into the bright sun. A squirrel leaped from a tree in front of him, and it was quickly devoured. "Yarmnomughr-ripteardevour." Steve Zombie licked his dry, cracking lips after the meal. "Braaaaaaains."

Uh, yeah, remember this guy? Yeah...
Ulty Back! Ulty Back! Ulty have Good Time at Daddy Andonuts Place, but Ulty Miss Schooling Place so Much!

Ulty can No Wait to See all Ulty Friends! And make New Friends too! Ulty Think that lots of new People come in cause Ulty been Gone Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Long Time!

...Uh, Friends Remember Ulty, Right?

And then there was a walking plant...
[garde] all that glisters is not gold
Sometimes when you go far away, your memories and the places you left pieces of your heart go with you. You are never alone. You are never forgotten. You are never cast aside as useless.

Voile lifted her chin to eye the tall building before her. Inside the halls were classrooms, some of which she'd been in herself. Months ago only, except it seemed so much longer than that. Like a dam breaking under the weight of water or shoddy craftsmanship, nostalgia flooded over her, memories of how things had gone, things she'd wanted, her own pains and torments.

And words she'd so desperately wanted to say, but had been arrested by the Monster's eyes that held her in place.

"And sometimes even though these memories guarantee that you are never alone, you still feel lonely," she said aloud, to no one else in particular other than herself.

This is a test, this is (only) a test...
these last bosses are way too strong
Don't they have exemptions for Trainers when it comes to school? I thought I needed a note from my mom or something to get out of it. Oh well. At least this place seems pretty cool.

I have only one question! And that is-! ...Uh... Er, that is...! [Dot dot dot.] I forgot what it was. Give me a second.

Oi. I have a question. This is very important, so you all had better listen up.

Which one of you losers is the strongest fighter?

Testing 1...2...3
So! This is the Smash Academy I've heard so much about! I guess this place has everything I could possibly use for my scientific research!

I guess then I better get started! It looks like there's just so much to observe and take notes on!

In fact, there is one thing I have noticed already!

Smash Academy is a place filled with many kinds of foreign animals. After looking some of them up by physical description; some use their own names as a form of language.

i am so out of rp fitness oh god
[A large white wolf lazes about in the summer sun. She had not been expecting the grounds to be covered with sand, but she was able to make herself comfortable enough. For a hot day like this, the furry animal seems to be quite comfortable.

The sun seems somehow seems brighter with her nearby.

If someone who believes in the gods (or a god, whatever) sees her, though, they will see something more than a white wolf. Red markings adorn her body, and feathers protrude from her limbs at certain points.

What, if anything, will you do?]

(no subject)
School is school, no matter how you look at it. I don't need to go to some institution to learn things I could already get from the school of life.

You know, the school of life? The school of experiences in the real world?

That is better than any brick and mortar building.



Test Drive, aww yeah?
 [It's early out, the sun barely in the sky, the shadows still stretched, but gradually shrinking as the ball of gas climbs higher. Perfectly kept boots click against the stone on the outside pathways in time before coming abruptly to a stop. Dark eyes scan the surrounding area as pale hands tug at the spotless blue and red uniform, removing invisible creases and adjusting golden buttons. The young woman runs a hand through her hair, making sure her appearance was befitting a lady of her calibre.]

Hmmm... so this is the Academy...

[She mumbles to herself, still adjusting buttons while no-one is around, enjoying the tranquillity of the morning while it lasts.]

(no subject)
[There's a girl running into the school, she's looking frantically left and right]

Red! Where did you run off this time?

[Until she noticed Red wasn't anywhere on sight, she sighs in defeat.] Don't tell me I lost track of him again.

(no subject)
Hey everyone, happy National Yo-yo Day!

Try not to hurt yourself or others with your yo-yo's! They can be kind of tricky like that!

(no subject)
[There is a short, muscular girl standing just outside the weightroom, but not going inside. She looks a little annoyed and a little lost. Well... a lot lost. Is she new?]

(no subject)
★ DEPRESSED → To fall in love
[there is a girl lying on her stomach in the middle of the hallway. she looks to be in pain.

The way I see it, there's a few options.

>Step On
>Call for help


(no subject)
[Today it is pretty damn windy at SBG. If you notice there's a bunch of little bits of cotton floating around.

And then you'll see the big chunk floating around too. She's not too happy, the winds are too strong and she wants to stop at the school!


While you guys are having fun at Prom...
[Did you just enter a cafe? Yes you did. You might have been greeted by some guy. Or if any of his bros happen to be around. And a green monkey with a tree on his head. The man is smiling sheepishly as he greets you.]

Uhm, welcome to Cafe [INSERT NAME HERE]. My name is Cilan and I'll be your, er, waiter today.


Shocky loves grumpy old men, news at 11
[Just a typical day with Char flying around the school and-- wait, that's not Char. While it's easy to confuse the two, anyone who knows their Charizards will note that this one is an elder, covered in scars from a lifetime of turf wars and fighting over the laaaay-dies. Now he's come for you, SBG.

Just gonna. Land right in the middle of the courtyard like he owns the place. And as far as he's concerned, he totally does. He just... you know. Hasn't been around for 30-odd years. But what are the odds another Charizard has shown up in that time, pff.]

[He doesn't know why he's here again, aside from the cruel vagaries of Fate toying with him. He's certainly not impressed by the sight of the school anymore, and he has no real desire to even set foot within the halls. He thought he had left this place behind him long ago...

Not wanting to draw too much attention to himself, the stark black hedgehog merely observes the goings on from outside, content to wander around his old haunting grounds. He certainly doesn't want to get recognized by any of his old acquaintances-- he couldn't stand half of them, and the rest... well, they could probably do without another disappearing act.

Still, he can't deny that this place has left him with a handful of good memories. Perhaps that's the reason he doesn't immediately get the hell out, and instead continues to wander, reminiscing about days past...]

[[Don't call it a comeback-- I've been here for years I just miss writing for this asshole sometimes.]]

Thinking about it.
MGS3 -- Check it
[The old Russian does not stink of the Underworld this time, his lip curled as he surveys the damned school with a cold skim (familiarity covered everything else the eye did not). He has to be amazed at himself, at his ability to navigate through ... everything. That was what trundling up and down Possibility and What Is There is like. The Devil used to do that, right? And to think, he and his Hell had been none the wiser!

... Or he could be simply damned in the respect of being forced to wander, like a wawkalak. There... is that.

In all scenarios, he was still quite dead, and the novelty of standing there, doing nothing, in the silence of the forest without a single pulse of blood throbbing in his ears had run out. No heartbeat meant no electricity and made him a lump of creeping rot, and here he is standing in front of the damned school as a cold, animated corpse. If he wasn't there, he could... simply leave, retreat in to the warmth of the other Planes before his heavy corpse settled and he decomposed. See if he was... somewhere else.

If he was, that little silver-haired nymph, well, this was going to be a problem.

A risk. His whole life, death, and everything was risk after risk.]


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